Since the town of Estellencs is located between incredible mountains, we can make
activities such as:

Trekking: In the hotel we will guide you with the multiple possibilities of roads and
trails that you can find around the mountains, with different levels
of difficulty and beauty.

Mountain bike: In the same hotel we will provide you with different routes and we will guide you on the distance and hardness of each one. Even if you are interested, we could accompany you, since
We practice this discipline.

Harvest: In September we have the harvest of our own wine.

The village of Estellencs

This is a small village with less than three hundred citizens where time seems to stand still. Going for a walk peacefully in its narrow streets or hanging on a minute to contemplate a beautiful view are all escape from the daily life.

The church, The Telm Alemany tower, the old washing place or the Arab irrigation ditches talk about the History of Estellencs. Bars, restaurants and hotels have been integrated in the historical and architectural complex in a respectful way.

Cala Estellencs, the beach

This is a small pebble beach with crystalline water about 1,5 km far from the village. It’s easy to go on foot for a little walk or driving.

A rustic beach bar with a terrace overlooking the sea is built on the rocks. And to refresh yourself, a natural cold shower gushes out from the mountains.


– Kayak: Check with the hotel for more information.
– Snorkeling: In the hotel we have the necessary equipment to practice this activity, highly recommended thanks to the beauty of the seabed and variety of fish.

The valley of Puig de Galatzó

It’s marvellous landscape, the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities.

You can go on excursions to:


  • The Galatzó (1027 meters), its singular shape standing out symbolizes Estellencs.
  • Banyalbufar (GR 221), this is a beautiful excursion through the mountains from Estellencs to the next village.
  • «La finca Planici», «es Cami d’es Correu» or «sa Volta d’es General»…

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